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Post by TALIA ^.^ on Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:19 am

we have too ideas for the present:

1.Memory Books:
every country will make a Memory Book that will contain: blessings, poems that the fans wrote for the band, photos of fans with the band, signatures that fans have, dedications from fans and paintings of the band.
the first page will include a dedication that will be written in 2 languages: German, and the country's language.
on the cover of each book will be the country's flag, and a letter which eventually, when the band will have all the books together, they will have a whole sentence made by the books or the band's name [it depends on the amount of country's that will have part in this project]

2.puzzle in the shape of tokio hotel's logo.
every country will make a square of the puzzle and whentokio hotel
will get all the parts of the puzzle they will conect it with instructions.
and finally they will get the logo!

you can vote until the 7.12
vote and spread!!

the present is under cover of WWW.TH-ISRAEL.COM
rights are save for Maria.

if you would like to take part in this action and to represent your country
contact with Maria.

gusti ich liebe dich!!

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