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Post by TALIA ^.^ on Sat Nov 10, 2007 11:28 pm

Since they were young each of the band members showed a musical talent.
The identical twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz began to perform in tiny clubs in Magdeburg area since they were seven.
After they met Georg Listing (bas), and Gustav Schafer (drums) ,The four decided to their own band name "devilish".
A small group of fans gathered around the band which recorded a few
songs in a little homely studio and send it to records companies, but none of them answered back.

In 2003 a musical producer from Hamburg discovered their talent when he visited in a Magdeburg club, where they performed and signed them on a record deal in BMG company.
When the record company BMG was purchased by Sony company the record deal of the band was canceled.
With the support of three other producers, Peter Hoffman signed the band on a new deal in the Universal Records company. The band changed her name to "Tokio Hotel" after the name of the city Tokyo, but also because they were inspired by the mobility from one hotel to another.
The band worked on the writing, adapting, and songs recording. To their first album "schrei" between the years 2004-2005.
After a lot of delays the first single was launched, "durch den monsun" (Through the Monsoon) in Germany and succeed beyond what was expected.
The single reached the top of the music chart in Germany in the summer of 2005, herald the opening shoot
To "tokio mania" in Germany particular and the rest of the world.

Until now the band recorded three studio albums, two in the german .and one composed is in English. The English album made up of the original songs in German translated into English.

gusti ich liebe dich!!

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Post by NOYBILL on Sat Nov 24, 2007 10:26 am

hi talia !
my name is noy .. i from Israel !
i will be happy if i ralk with you !=]
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