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Post by TALIA ^.^ on Wed Nov 14, 2007 5:07 pm

Bill kaulitz

Part: soloist

Age: 18

Birth date: 1.9.1989

Sign of the zodiac: virgo

Birth place: Leipzig, Germany

Eyes: brown

Hair: black with blond streaks

High: 1.83

Weight: 52 k"g

The band he loves: green day, the rasmus, and nena

Food: pizza

tattoos/piercing: tattoo with the symbol of tokio on his neck, tattoo of a star on his belly, tattoo with a:"" freedom89" caption in German on this hand. Eyebrow ring since he was 12 and a tongue ring since he was 14.

Since he was a little boy bill been attracted with music and when he was 6 he started to write songs. 7 years later he participates in the show "starsearch".

Bill known with his "rocker" look, he colored his hair in black, he wears skinny jeans and black jackets, shirts of other rock bands and jewelries, and use black eyeliner and black eye shadow. Bill also acting as an hobby. In 1994 when he was 5 he acted with his brother in the Germany show "Verrückt nach dir" with a part that he didn’t got a credit on.

He also gave his voice to the character of Arthur in the movie "Arthur and the minimoys"

gusti ich liebe dich!!

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Post by Lital Kanfey Shahar on Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:37 pm

Danke Very Happy
Lital Kanfey Shahar
Lital Kanfey Shahar

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