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Post by yael.m on Tue Oct 30, 2007 8:12 pm

Welcome to Spam forum!
Please read this topic in order to use the forum right.

--What is this forum about Question
This forum is the place where you can write ANYTHING you want! What a Face when you are bored, when you are at school and don't know what to do...If you just want to say hey to everyone. Isn't it great?!

--So...There are no limits Question
There are basic rules that you need to read before you post a new topic or reply, Check them out in "Rules" topic (Same rules as Discossion forum Rules). But basically you can write whatever you want, even 1 word message. lala.

--Pay attention Exclamation
Arrow We don't want anyone to get hurt, so please don't insult other users, if it's posting a new topic about someone or reply to someone's topic not nicely.
Arrow Until the managers read new topics, all opened topics are the users' responsibility. If one of the managers doesn't take care of topic that bothers you, please send a private message (hopefully you won't need to).
Arrow Here you can chat with users from your country. You can post new topic with the name of you country and meet members from that place.

Thank you Very Happy

Bill?! Ich bin Da-a-a-a-a <3
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