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Post by yael.m on Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:09 pm

Welcome to Questions & Comments forum !
Please read this topic in order to use the forum right.

--What is this forum about Question
This forum is the place where you can ask help for things you don't understand about the forums (not about Tokio Hotel). This is the place where you are free to tell your opnion, talk about ideas with other users and managers.
You can also say what you think about the whole forums, about the design, categories, management, and anything else you would like to share.

--Do only the managers answer all questions Question
No ! Smile Anyone can answer someone's question, if this person knows the answer for sure. Actually, we would like you to help us by answering other's questions. Rolling Eyes

--Pay attention Exclamation
Arrow Before you post questions, go to FAQ page to see if you get an answer.
Arrow In order to keep this forum organized, check if someone else asked the same question that you have before.
Arrow In the Title, please write something that describes your comment \ question,
not " SOS " or " Help please ". All topics will be read by the managers.

Thank you Very Happy

Bill?! Ich bin Da-a-a-a-a <3
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