Article: Tom looks after Bill's "dream-girl"

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Article: Tom looks after Bill's "dream-girl"

Post by yael.m on Mon Nov 26, 2007 6:25 pm

Tom looks after Bill's "dream-girl"
Tom's nickname is "God of sex", girls like him. But Tom prefers now to look after his twin brother's "dream-girl".

Translation to hebrew: ORTAL_thisrael
Translation to english: Yael.m

Tokio Hotel are back !!! with the new single "An Deiner Seite" ("By your side" german), they are going up in music charts and planning a concert tour in March-April.
despite this, a new album is not in their plans, Yam! is checking- why is that?

Exclamation "In the new single there are 2 new songs, '1000 Meere' and 'Geh', but nothing about new album is planned yet."

Question Yam! : "why not?"

Exclamation Bill: "We prefer to focus ourselves and clean our minds in order to work on a new album. it's impossible to work while touring."

Question Yam! : "so you take your time in everything about music. Do you have any time for more things, like love?"

Exclamation Tom: "Not a girlfriend, more like just girls sometimes. the others think so too, but it just doesn't fit with our schedule. I'm telling you, Georg is still a virgin. Bill and Gustav made it, but not more then twice -laughing-. The girls notice this and because of that they always come to me."

Exclamation Bill: "plus because i reject them."

Question Yam!: "why do you reject the girls?"

Exclamation Bill: "that's me, I have to love my girl first. The girl needs to impress me- but unfortunately it doesn't often happen .

Question Yam!: "are you looking for a true love?"

Exclamation Bill: "looking? i think. you cannot look after your "dream-girl", it just has to happen. I can only hope that it will happen to me...

Exclamation Tom: -speaks to Bill- "there is no problem with your "dream-girl". I will investigate each and every one of the girls. I'm sure i'll find Bill's true-big-love -laughing-

source :,geo=3056904.html

Bill?! Ich bin Da-a-a-a-a <3


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Re: Article: Tom looks after Bill's "dream-girl"

Post by TALIA ^.^ on Mon Nov 26, 2007 9:39 pm

tom is so funny!!!

gusti ich liebe dich!!


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